EvoraPet™ – Pet Dental Care Product

With PioBiora3® Pet Probiotics (From Oragenics)

As a pet owner, you may have noticed that your pet has bad breath. Although this is often a laughing matter and one that many pet owners don’t take seriously, it can be a sign of dental disease.

Dental disease affects many pets and can have serious consequences for your cat or dog.

What Is the First Sign My Pet Has a Dental Problem?

The most common symptom and one that is often overlooked is your pet’s bad breath. As with humans, your pet’s bad breath can be the first sign of dental disease.

If you want to check for additional signs of dental disease in your cat or dog, look for these warning signs:

  • Tartar buildup around the teeth
  • Inflamed gums
  • Missing or broken teeth
  • A reluctance to eat or play with toys
  • Bleeding gums
  • Lethargy

The dental disease progresses over time so it is important that your pet maintains healthy dental care throughout its lifetime.

It is the obligation of the pet owner to ensure their pets are getting the attention they need as it should be obvious their pet will not run to the veterinarian to get itself checked out.

How Can I Improve or Maintain My Pet’s Oral Health?

evorapet pet productsThanks to modern pet healthcare products, pet owners can help to improve their pets’ breath as well as give them cleaner, whiter teeth.

The EvoraPet™ line by Oragenics contains ProBiora3® probiotics that are specifically formulated to address the oral health needs of pets.

These edible oral health products are sprinkled onto pets’ food once a day and will assist pet owners in avoiding the dangers of dental disease and bad breath in their pets.

The products have no taste or odor and will not change the taste or texture of existing pet food.

Benefits of Pet Probiotics

Pet probiotics are simple to use and are considered to be an affordable way to maintain the oral health of a pet.

The products freshen breath naturally, are made in the USA, are certified Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) by the FDA, and are backed by 25 years of scientific research.